Our name is Migizi, which is an Algonquin name for Eagle.

Frame - Singer



I am the founder of the band… I started this band in spring of 2010, we have had some changes along the way, but our love for music and playing for crowds has not changed.

I have played in several bands  back in High School, including a rock band. I have also sung in  the choir at church for many, many years. My biggest thing that stands out is when I was chosen to sing in the PAPAL choir when Pope John Paul II came to Ottawa and held mass at Tunney’s Pasture. It was an honor to sing in that choir, and to be seated right behind him.

Influences include: Elvis, The Eagles, Johnny Cash, Lionel Ritchie, Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen and many more.


Frame - Bass Guitar

Music has been a life long passion, I have played in several  bands , sometimes as a frontman performing some of my own  originals. I took a few years off from playing live to concentrate mostly on writing and recording at the home studio but I found myself missing the stage. After a short stint as a drummer, I decided to return to my first instrument of choice, bass.

Some of my influences are Sting, Geddy Lee, Flea, The Clash, AC/DC, U2 and Paul Simon, I love Funk, Reggae, Rock, Blues and Country.

Looking forward to having fun on a stage near you. Cheers!



Pierre Lemire (aka Peppy)
In 1966 I decided to join my friends in being in a marching band – I chose drums because of the importance of correctly keeping the tempo and wearing a spiffy uniform. As a teen my biggest influences were bands with high energy tempos: Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, then recognised the importance of good vocal harmonies such as : The Eagles, Beatles, Beach Boys, CSNY and so on.   I recall drawing a set of drums on paper every day with a dream to play on stage with other people, just having fun. I was in a Tribute to Eagles Band (one of these nights in Montreal), I played in a rock and roll band at the Casino du Lac Leamy 9 years, as well as in a band called DejaVu Acoustic in Ottawa 8 years (incl 3 gigs at Rideau Hall for the Gov General), as well as a myriad of Bands in Ottawa through the years.  I believe that MIGIZI has the right kind of approach to playing to crowds by providing that solid/enticing tempo and a good vibe to get people dancing and wanting more as night goes on. I am going to help this Band rock your world. 



Frame - Guitar-2

Like Schroeder on the guitar, concentrated, loving every minute or maybe it’s more like snoopy, basking in the music, eyes closed. Well they’ve called me Pouch since the day I was born so maybe it’s more like snoopy…..Been playing in bands since age 9. I live for the sounds and the goose bumps they give me. But mostly I live to see the crowd having a great time. I’ve enjoyed playing from basement bands to school bands to classic rock pop band, to stage show band, to festival band, to dance bands and in many rock bands. I enjoy music of all styles as long as it arouses great emotions in us all. I think that’s what a band is all about! Oh yah, and then there’s playing with Denis DeGrandmont….that’s fun too.

Influences include: Triumph, Deep Purple, Rush, Eagles, U2, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, BTO, Bryan Adams, SRV,


I spent much of my childhood at bluegrass festivals watching my uncle play Fiddle in his band. Between this and the influence of my grandfather I decided when I was 13 to start playing fiddle. I had an instant connection with music, but as I got older I got infatuated with songwriting so I picked up the acoustic guitar. 4 Years ago I started my Bachelor of music degree at the university of Ottawa for classical guitar, and since then have picked up electric guitar playing lead with some of Ottawa’s finest country bands. It’s now time to crank up the overdrive, mix it up and play some rocking music.

Influences include Eagles, Blue Rodeo, Fleetwood Mac, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, David Bowie, Dolly Parton, and Rolling Stones.